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Prime partner To find staff


Proven employees for responsible work

«Prime partner» provides reliable specialists, using an individual approach. We will select employees for you, relying on key requirements to the candidate. Our company will do all the necessary checks, will give instruction and will make sure of your future employee’s professional qualifications.

  • We fulfill our obligations

    We are responsible for our employees and their reliability. We guarantee timely appearance at work.

  • We will quickly find required candidate

    More than 200 offline and online platforms are available to our company in order to attract the flow of applicants.

  • High-quality assurance services

    You may see the portfolio and customer feedback during a personal meeting with our manager.

We offer
  • Closing eligible applications will be fast and easy
  • We will select employees according to the characteristics that you need
  • We will select employees in specified time-limits
  • Responsive managers are always ready to help
  • Each applicant will be pre-tested by a security service
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